What is ChillZone?

Chill with old friends and meet new ones. Everyone’s welcome!


Learn new things about Judaism you’ve never known before!


Did someone say pizza party?
Enjoy the food and win cool prizes every week!

Over 70 locations across the US and Canada!

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Why ChillZone?

ChillZone is a fun, interactive program for the winter season, designed with you in mind. And it happens every week. Fun activities, crazy prizes, great food, and more make ChillZone a favorite spot for children and teens all across the country.

Why chill?

You’ll learn more about what it means to be Jewish, while having a great time and making new friends. Just be warned: You may have more fun than you can handle— so bring that party spirit along with you!

Should I register my child for ChillZone?

ChillZone is the answer for parents who want their children to learn more about their Jewish heritage in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With our exciting hands-on programming, Judaism comes alive, enriching the lives of hundreds of youth nationwide. Our qualified and relatable leaders strive to create a warm and safe atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Your child will become part of a vibrant and diverse community of Jewish boys and girls from across North America, and have a great time each week.

How does a Chiller chill?

Chill with old friends and meet new ones. At ChillZone everyone's welcome.



Hang out and have a great time with both old and new friends.



There’s something cool and exciting to win every week!



Learning at ChillZone is fun, so get ready for a great time.



You bring the appetite,
we’ll bring the pizza.


Mad fun

Games, activities, dancing, and sports!
You in?


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